Raphael Hauber – Interview


Raphael Hauber is a Berlin-based fashion designer. He answered our interview and talked about the beginning of the brand (formerly “Postweiler Hauber” in 2003), his vision of fashion, his latest collection and his interests in pattern design. We invite you to read and discover his work.


Hello Raphael Hauber, how are you ?
Thank you fine and you?

Fine thanks. Can you introduce yourself ? Tell us more about you and the history of the label.
I grew up in a small village in the south west of Germany. I studied 3 years in a fashion school to learn the practical fields of clothmaking like sewing and pattern making. After that training, I studied Fashion Design at the University of Applied Arts, Pforzheim. I had always thought of starting out on my own brand and during my internship at Wendy & Jim, it became very clear that this is exactly what I want to do, too – to start my own brand. After I finished university, I started Postweiler Hauber in 2003 with Eva Postweiler who left the brand 2 years later and in 2010 renamed the label to Raphael Hauber.

What is your experience and approach to fashion and design ?  Where does your interest in fashion come from ?
When I look back my fascination for fashion started with magazines like “The Face” and “i-D” that I found when I was on holiday in Italy with my parents when I was a teenager. These magazines really surprised me, all this crazy and new clothes, interesting people, this style of photography and art was very new for me. Techno came up and was the new big thing. It was a very exciting time in Fashion and Music.

What’s the style definition of the label ?
For me fashion means mainly changes, the perception and the filtering of vibrations that have not been mentioned and described before. The theme of a collection is usually dealing with a current cultural, social or aesthetical topic that seems to be justified and truly exclusive at the present moment. I don’t invent new clothes out of the blue, but, like a DJ, I do new compositions, samples and mixes. This way, a new kind of garment is created, while the basis is always well-known.

Can you tell us about your latest collection, what was the inspiration behind it ?
The spring/summer 2013 collection plays with the idea of living in paradise. All over prints shows parrots and flamingos in kaleidoscope effect. The range of colors are mint green, lemon, blue, neon orange, ecru and black. The collection includes printed silk/cotton shirts and vests, linen parka coats, worker vests and pants, printed jeans and shorts and t-shirts in linen and cotton Jersey.

What’s your interest in pattern design ?
I like prints and the use of different kind of fabrics in one garment to give the surface a special treatment. During the last collections prints have been very important to explain the collection idea.

Is there any designer or movement you appreciate a lot ?
I am a fan of Raf Simons, Nicolas Ghesquière and Riccardo Tisci’s work.

Which books are on your bedside table ?
My MacBook Pro.

Some projects to come ?
At the moment I am working on a collaboration with the artist Fritz Bornstück for his show in Copenhagen in October this year.

The last word…
Thank you.


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Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler – 07.13

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