GEORDIE WOOD — Interview


Today we present the Brooklyn-based photographer Geordie Wood. This talented photographer is currently the photo editor of the New York-based media The FADER. He shot lots of musicians and artists like Christian Scott or A$AP Rocky. We really appreciate his style in portrait photography.


Hello Geordie, how are you?

Doing well thanks. About to head out of New York this weekend for a much needed breath of fresh air.

Can you introduce yourself? Tell us more about you.

I am 28 years old and living in Brooklyn with a heart lost somewhere up on the coast of Maine. The hat I wear most these days is as an editorial photographer concentrating in portraits and fashion. I am US born, an amateur gardener and lover of jazz in the early 60s.

You’re the Photo Editor of The FADER. Can you tell us more about your work ?

Amidst my personal work I’m the sole photo editor in a three person art department at The FADER. That means I commission (or take myself) every image in the magazine cover to cover, which is very fulfilling and incredibly time consuming. Seven years ago The FADER gave me my first magazine assignment ever, so it’s karma I guess. I shoot for the magazine quite a bit but also have the pleasure of working with many talented emerging and established photographers.

What is your experience and approach to photography? When did you start?

My first job in photography was as an assistant during my junior year of high-school. I was sick of alphabetizing books at the local bookstore when I got the job and it’s pretty much history from there. I was interested in documentary photographers like Koudelka and went to college to study photojournalism. Halfway through I feel out of love with that pure journalistic approach to the medium and started out on my own path. After many twists and turns it led me to where I am today.

Can you talk to us about Brooklyn and his creative scene?

As a photographer in the states there is no better place to be, it is a lion’s den of photography which can be intimidating and incredibly exciting. I am lucky to have many good friends in the community and we push each other all the time. That said I am not sure which I dread more, staying here forever or leaving for palatial horizons.

Your work focuses on portrait photography. What’s your interest about this kind of photography?

I’ve always loved working with people, the interactions and experiences have fueled me from day one. I grew up in a fairly white-bread town and photo was an excuse for me to go out and explore, as cliché as that sounds. It still is.

You shot musicians like A$AP Rocky and Christian Scott. Is there a meeting that marked you more than another?

The Rocky assignment was a wild experience as I was the first person to shoot him for a magazine. It was up in Harlem and just turned into a party on the streets with dozens of people that came out to support. Christian was also incredibly fulfilling because I’ve been a fan of his for years and he turned out to be just a wonderful person. That said a lot of my assignment work these days is shooting young and emerging artists in many mediums.  So the visibly of the photographs are often affected by whether the subjects end up being in the public eye.

What inspires and influences you?

My friends do, I am in constant awe and pushed at ever turn.

Is there any photographer or artist you appreciate a lot?

Contemporary photographers include Daniel Shea, Adam Golfer, Jake Stangel, Thomas Prior, Joe Leavenworth, Christian Patterson, Michael Schmelling, Christopher Anderson, Jason Nocito, Tim Barber and many more.

Which books are on your bedside table?

The Fabric of The Cosmos by Brian Greene. It has been there for too long, haha.

Some projects to come?

I have always hoped to work in the two towns where my parents grew up in Northern Maine, though the time to make that work has yet to present it self.

The last word…

Thanks for your time and much respek to Ligature.



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All the photographs are ©Geordie Wood.




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