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Today we present the Lisbon-based graphic design collective Pyramid Studio. They have an interesting connection between music and design and they show us that quality on one of their recent project called Phuzz. Beatriz Cóias and João Chaves answered our interview and it’s with pleasure that we show you their works.


Hi Beatriz Cóias and João Chaves, how are you ?
Fine, thank you! And you ?

Really well thanks. Can you introduce yourself  ? Tell us more about your background and how was the studio born ?
Pyramid Studio is a graphic design collective of two designers, with a strong emphases on sound and music. The studio was born about a year ago. We both attended the Fine-Arts College in Porto, where we met, and little after we graduated we had the idea of creating the studio. It was a way of putting our ideas together and making something that we believed in, based on our real interests. Taking control of our own career, after being a bit disappointed with the design marketplace here in Portugal, where there aren’t many opportunities for a young creative to show his real potential. And especially after working in design agencies where design is standard and commercial.

Where is your studio based and what do you like about this place ?
As we said before, the studio was born in Porto, in the north of Portugal. After a few months we moved to Lisbon, the capital. We think Porto was a good place to start off and Lisbon a good place to move in, since there is more people, more things happening and opportunities. Now we are planning another moving out, probably heading to London and hopefully, to stay for a long time.

Can you tell us more about your approach of graphic design and music ?
Connecting music and design was something that was not planned but happened rather naturally. João is also a musician and we both being a part of Porto’s music scene it only seemed natural to start from there, working with people we liked and that interested us. With time this link to music define the identity of the studio. It’s a label that we don’t want to limit our work but which we also like. We defend a clean, nice design with a strong visual interest. Designing for us is all about having good ideas and keep experimenting, failing gracefully and keep going. The process matters and allows us to keep growing.

What’s your new project called “Phuzz” ?
It’s an alternative project that it is only beginning. A platform where we ask artists, bands or other people in the music industry that we find interesting to make a mixtape for us. The theme is all up to them based on their choices and we make an artwork to match with. It is all online at Phuzz’s website, where anyone can listen and download it. Eventually we want to take it further with some cool collaborations.

You made the “Pyramid Type”. It’s a custom typeface for the studio identity. What was the idea behind and  what’s your interests in typography ?
Pyramid type was the first thing we did after starting the studio and settled with a name. We wanted to make something related to our work and us. A type that was classy and pretty but with some twist that made it different, which is basically what we want our work to be. The outline version came after a bit by chance, but we think it turned out pretty well.
Typography for us is very important. It can make a work shine or suck. We like to work with some classic typefaces, but sometimes, also using something stronger by giving them a custom touch.

What inspires and influences you ?
Music, skate, tattoos, books, people, guitars, vintage..

Is there any designer or movement you appreciate a lot ?
Yes, there are many, but we give you some. D.I.Y., Swiss design, Hort, Maxime Büchi, Stefan Sagmeister, Division, Ill-Studio. Here in Portugal we like, This is Pacifica, Martino & Jana and our good friend Binau whose illustrations are the raddest.

Which book is on your bedside table ?
Beatriz: The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley.
João: The World of Sex and other texts by Henry Miller.

Some projects to come ?
As we said earlier we are going to move our work possibly to London. In the meantime we’re planning to do a little music festival, here in Lisbon, with bands that collaborated with us in some way till today. We are working on some music as well to form a band, so we are really excited. We don’t have any specific dates, so stay tuned.

The last word…
Merci beaucoup!



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Images are ©Pyramid Studio.

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