Patrice Barnabé – Interview


Patrice Barnabé is a French born graphic designer living and studying a Bachelor in Barcelona. Interesting in lettering and typography he enjoy working in the fields of branding and art direction. We are pleased to present you his work for our third Young Creatives interview.


Hello Patrice, how are you ?
I’m very well , thank you for having me on ligature!

Can you introduce yourself  ? Tell us more about you.
I’m a young graphic designer living, studying and working in sunny Barcelona. I mostly enjoy getting around lettering and type related projects, but I also have a passion for branding and visual identities, and of course, any exciting project involving posters, magazines… I have a love for detail and I’m always willing to spend an entire day just choosing a font or refining the colors of an illustration. I hope it shows in my work and people will hopefully notice it.

You’re now based in Barcelona. Why did you choose to study there ?
It’s been almost 9 years since I moved to Barcelona. I had already lived in a few places around the world but ever since I haven’t even thought of leaving! Besides, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most vibrant and pleasant cities to live in: it has an ever expanding cultural scene, a great weather and a lot of very talented artists, designers and creative minds. It’s important to be surrounded by those things in order to be inspired and get that feeling that you are in the right place.

What is your experience and approach to graphic design and typography ?
I think typography should be the first and most essential designer’s tool. When you think about graphic design, there are only two ingredients to master: images and letters. You can’t really afford to avoid any of those two. My belief is that every graphic designer should have a thorough knowledge of typography in order to choose the right type for each project, because that will highlight his line of work and will make him stand out among others.

The Kyrie typeface you did has many alternates. Can you explain us the process and the idea behind ?
My aim was to design a display typeface that would create an impact and would catch the attention. I was surprised to find out that experimental type was born back in early 1900s with Rennie Mackintosh’ letterings or Cassandre’s famous typeface Bifur; these type explorations were followed by designers like Herbert Bayer or Wim Crouwel. Nowadays, experimental type is becoming pretty popular among young designers and we can see an increase of those ideas. I wanted to bring my own approach with Kyrie, and thought that having a regular as well as an alternate for each letter was a great way to balance the visual content. I sketched almost fifty different forms for each letter of the alphabet, so it was a long process, but very rewarding nonetheless.

What inspires and influences you ?
I get inspired by pretty much everything that surrounds me, from a conversation to a great piece of art. But when it comes to design, I mainly focus my attention on two different realities: the creative designers that produce mind-blowing projects, and the everyday-life urban design, because that’s where everything really is, and what I see everyday. Therefore, a worn-out sign from an ugly store has the same influence on me than the great letterings and design pieces I see from other talented designers on their websites. And they both inspire me a great deal.

Is there any designer or movement you appreciate a lot ?
I have a lot of respect and admiration for a number of super talented designers. There are really awesome creative people in Switzerland: Bureau Collective, Kasper-Florio or Bänzinger-Hug. I also admire the work by american duo Land, French studio Les Graphiquants or great Scandinavian studios like Heydays, Grandpeople or Tsto. I could go on…

What are your plans for the future ?
I’m about to graduate from school this year, so that’s my priority. Also, I would love to keep freelancing if there are good opportunities, so far I’ve been very lucky. You never know what is waiting for you in your inbox mail!

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Images are ©Patrice Barnabé.


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