Kim Høltermand – Interview


We are pleased to present the danish photographer Kim Høltermand. His beautiful photographs focus on architectural and landscape subjects. He shows us some poetry in his pictures. We invite you to read and discover his work…


Hello Kim, how are you ?
Very good thank you.

Can you introduce yourself ? Tell us more about you.
My name is Kim Høltermand and I’m a self-taught architectural and landscape photographer from and based in Denmark, around Copenhagen.

What is your experience and approach to photography ? When did you start ?
I am a self-taught and I started photography in 2007, uploaded my first series on the Behance Network and the rest is history. My popularity skyrocketed thanks to the power of social networking and I really got my name out there. I have a history as a graphic designer and this has had a big influence on my work with architectural and landscape photography.

Your work focuses on architectural and landscape photography. What’s your interest about this kind of photography ?
I feel that the minimalism, lines, curves, patterns and all that is in architecture and landscape feels natural for me. On top of that I have a very good eye for capturing moods. Often desolate and empty spaces have my interest. Like you are the last person on earth alone with the structures in my work.

Have you been influenced by the New Topographics movement ?
Not intentionally.

Can you choose a photographs series and tell us about it ?
TUVE is a very special series to me and was shot in Sweden in 2010 at lake Tuve. It was early in the morning on the last day of my stay at the lake and the weather had been sunny with a clear blue sky all week while I had been craving for fog all the week, which is very often to found here at that time of the year. Only a few hours before I had to leave I was blessed by the fog of my dreams. I shot the entire TUVE series in about 1 hour and remember when I drove back that I had this feeling that this series would be very special and popular.

How do you process in your work ?
I have been using Photoshop for several years but have recently started using other techniques and platforms to get the right feel in my work.

Which book is on your bedside table ?
A collection of erotic novels and a little red notebook.

Some projects to come ?
I am actually working on 2 new series. One that has the working title “Deadwood” and one that features some newly edited and never before seen shots from my trip to Iceland in 2011.

The last word…
If you can dream it you can do it.



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler – 03.13

All the pictures are ©Kim Høltermand.



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