Dennis de Vries – Interview


Today we are glad to present you the student and graphic designer Dennis de Vries. Also known as subform, he is currently studying graphic design at Academie Minerva (Groningen, Art Academy) his work focuses on typographic, print and packaging projects.
He is our very first Young Creatives interview.


Hi Dennis, how are you ?
Hello Dennis & Tiffany, I’m fine thanks!  I’m honored to be interviewed by you guys.

Can you introduce yourself  ? Tell us more about you.
I’m Dennis de Vries, 21 years old and I’m currently living in Groningen, Netherlands. I’m studying Graphic Design in Academie Minerva (Groningen). Typography, print and packaging are my main interests. I am currently freelancing in my spare time, and still looking for representation. I am under the name subform, I make things that have a simplistic style but preserve a complete story.

What is your background and approach to graphic design ?
It started all with Photoshop and forums, making signatures (really small canvas for forum-users). I immediately fell in love with design/graphics. After several years I “mastered” Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign by myself (I was around 15 years old) and also I already did a little work for a client. I graduated from high school around 17, and went to the Hanze Hogeschool to study Communication (I thought it was the best option, but it was to much commercial) and this was my biggest mistake, I couldn’t create things so I decided to go to an Art Academy (Academie Minerva) and I’m still studying there right now!

Can you tell us about the graduation catalogue and presentation you did for your art academy, Academie Minerva ?
As I’ve mentioned in the previous question, I already did a work for a client. Basically I’ve never stopped doing that, and things went serious around 2010. Working for bigger clients made me hungry to do even bigger things. In the first year I went to Projectbureau AMP (Academie Minerva Graphic Design Studio, doing all kinds off stuff: posters, flyers, etc.) and I said that I wanted to work for Academie Minerva. After a few “small” jobs I’ve got the biggest assignment: The Graduation Catalogue (including the presentation stuff: posters, invitations, stickers etc.) with Joost Bos.
The catalogue only should result in a good looking, with many artistic talents in the same book (Graphic Design, Illustration, Visual Arts and Art & Design teachers). We came up with a screen-printed catalogue with several Pantone Colored booklets. Every section has their own catalogue (images only) and a fifth booklet with all the info. The Info booklet was inspired by the Yellow  Pages. We gave every graduate 140 words (Twitter, yeah) of free space to stand out. It resulted in really cool catalogue, with some features on websites like Abduzeedo, It’s Nice That, etc.

What is your interest in typography ?
My interest in typography started very early. I looked in magazines and books with a different eye, an eye for typography. I started doing custom type with basic words and just browsing a lot of typography on the Internet, soaking up all the things in my head. After that I just started sketching letters, not even custom ones just for exercise, the basic shapes of the alphabet. This resulted in what I am doing now. Typography is helping me to create interesting things.

What inspires and influences you ?
Music influences me, my mood and sometimes even my work. I listen to Hip-Hop (early 90’s) and Classic Rock (60’s-90’). I am really a new-age designer, I don’t look in old dusty graphic design books very much, I just use the Internet for everything. I can browse through sites like Behance for hours and hours.

Is there any designer, artist or illustrator you appreciate a lot ?
I appreciate Wim Crouwel a lot. The clean style of his typography and placement really inspires me. The usage of the grid is a thing I adopted from Wim Crouwel in a way.

What are your plans for the future ?
After doing an internship at a (graphic) design studio abroad, and being graduate (of course) I want to start my own studio, with a wide variety of graphic design. I want that my work will be shown in publications and on the Internet as an example of good design. I just want to make good and beautiful things.

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Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler

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