LO SIENTO studio – Interview

What I like about Lo Siento studio is their approach of design by the tactile side of the work. We interviewed Borja Martinez (founder of the Barcelona-based studio) to talk about their projects and interests in 3D, paper design and some different approach of graphic design…


Hola LO SIENTO, how are you ?
Fine, thank you.

Who are behind the studio ? And how was the studio born ?
In the studio we have Borja Martinez as the creative director and founder, Gerard Miró as the manager of 3D paper and packaging production and Cristina Vila Nadal as the graphic designer. The studio was founded in 2006 as a personal concern which has begun to tackle new projects.

Where is your studio based and what do you like about this place ?
Barcelona is where I was born and is a very pleasant and comfortable city to live and work. Lights, colors, people, gastronomy and architecture are part of the charm of this city.

What’s your interest about design and typography ?
The communication expressed in a neat, language, expression, attitude and emotions of typography, are fundamental part of interest that I have for design. Especially using different shapes and colors to express a form that allow us to communicate.

You work a lot with paper. How it began and why ?
I first studied industrial design and then graphic design, it is perhaps why I understand graphic communication from a « tactile » and volumetric point of view. We build up with our hands and package digitally at the end.

I saw multidisciplinary kind of works like graphic design or paper design,…
How do you process in your work ?

It depends of the commission, the approach of the ideas or construction of them are tactile, volumetric or just flat. We don´t act by default, but we study the commission and look forward to link with ideas which can reflect the best way to express the final designs.

Can you tell us more about the 4D Type project ?
We discovered this idea while working on an architectural project for the identity of an institute of architecture in Barcelona. One idea which was not exactly the profile of the brief was to make a volumetric letter « A » with 4 faces all made of paper. Then we decided to create the entire alphabet. That’s when the 4D born, a volumetric 3D typeface that can be read from any position. It is a mix between typography and architecture.

What inspires and influences you ?
Many things : my daughter, my team, the newspapers, the different cultures on the planet, the cities like London or New york and Tokyo, the arts&craft, the contemporary art and photography,  and the sense of humor of english people.

Are you tying to search some different approach of graphic design (like the cover of the Japanese +81 Magazine) for your projects ?
The important thing for us is to continue exploring parallel commercial jobs that come to study. We consider LO SIENTO not just as a graphic design studio dedicated to external commissioned works but as a laboratory and workshop of ideas. We care about doing research into new ways of telling and expressing new things.

Have you some projects to come ?
Yes, we are now doing a cover for Madrid’s culture magazine called DUENDE also the identity for the Product Design Awards Ceremony in Barcelona: “PREMIOS DELTA, 2013”,  the new identity and packaging for Spain Best prized Extra virgin Olive oil: “DAURO” and “PAOLA TURBAY´S” packaging and brand design for her new products in Colombia.

What advice would you give to the students or/and young designers ?
It’s never too late to find your passion. 
I started studying graphic design when I was about 27 years old. 
I founded LO SIENTO six years ago, so … Follow your intuition to find what you love, then put all your enthusiasm day by day working. Also it is interesting to mix different disciplines like photography, ceramics, fashion or cooking, not just graphics.

The last word is …
To speak, to write down, to communicate, to love…. all you need is a nice typography to express those feelings.


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Interview : Dennis Moya – november 2012 // All the pictures and designs are ©LoSiento studio.