Jing Zhang – Interview

I am pleased to present you to the London-based designer and illustrator Jing Zhang. She accepted to answer to our interview and it’s with pleasure that we show you her interesting illustrations…


Hi Jing, how are you ?
I’m great. Thanks!

Tell us more about you. Who are you ?
I’m a designer/illustrator based in London. I’m a Chinese, 27 years old. I’ve moved to London since 2007.

What’s your approach to illustration and typography ? When did you start ?
I started illustrating since 2007. I didn’t know much about typography back in then. I started with lots of personal projects whilst having my degree course in Fashion Design. As a result I haven’t learnt much about fashion design by the end of graduation, somehow I got myself into the creative industry with a great passion for illustrations/graphic design. As the more I delved into the creative industry the more I’ve realised the commercial value of typography. In my opinion, most of the creative fields do share similar discipline. Then I have started digging in typography with the first alphabet project, since 2009.

Do you find inspirations in architecture ? (for Lettering or Resort Type serie)
Yes I do. I love architecture. When I was 5-10 years old, I always doodled lots of dream houses that can never happen. For example, on the first floor of a train was a swimming pool, on 2nd floor you’d see a fun park, 3rd floor would have a slide taking you all the way back to the swimming pool.

How do you process in your work  ?
I recently manage to use C4D. And it was great to be able to use it. I build some models in C4D then I convert them to vector, and then I carry on illustrating in Illustrator.

and how do you define your style ?
Architectural, isometric.

Is there any designer / artist / illustrator /…from the past you appreciate a lot?
Yes, a lot : Walter Hansen for typography, Karol Gadzala – YLLV for typography, Erwin Kho for his amazing illustrations, Justin Mezzell for illustrations, Dustin Wallace, Rami Niemi‘s illustrations, Andrew Groves‘ illustrations, Dan Cassaro‘s typography, Lotta Nieminen‘s design/illustrations. Really jealous of her talent.

What books (or magazines..) are on your bedside table?
Japanese Grammar, Jamie Oliver’s 30 minutes cook book, Lighting in 3D.

Some projects to come ?
Yes. I’m currently working for a big agency on some infographic illustrations, as well as my personal illustration project of the 12 cities.

 Thank you.


>   behance.net/mazakii

Interview : Dennis Moya / All the illustrations are © Jing Zhang.