HEY STUDIO — Interview

Hey is a Barcelona-based design studio. Fascinated by their works quality (awesome editorial designs and illustrations), I realised an interview with the co-founder Verònica Fuerte to know more about them.


Hello Hey studio, how are you?

Great, thank you. Trying to work in a warm Barcelona.

Who is Hey Studio? Tell us more about you.

Hey was founded in 2007. We do graphic design and illustration projects. I started Hey with my partner Tilman Solé and then Ricardo Jorge joined the studio one year later.  The first years we worked for friends and personal projects. Then after two years we started to do more real projects for cultural clients, publishing houses and for an important NGO (Non-Governmental Organisations).

What’s your interest about illustration and graphic design? When did you start?

We like graphic design & Illustration and we like to mix it in almost all projects. Illustration is a powerful tool to communicate in graphic design. Two years after founded Hey we started to think about doing illustration. We sent our little illustration portfolio to Monocle and they trusted us. Monocle is a very important magazine it’s like an open window to potential clients.

I also saw type works (ArtFad). What’s your interest about typography?

It is an other potential tool in graphic design. I think it’s for all graphic designers. Choosing typography  is a very important process, it can define the whole project. Take your time.

How do you process in your work and how do you define your style?

We always start doing a research, knowing the client and learning some aspects before. Then we seek a concept to solve the client’s requirements and get a powerful esthetic. Everyone in Hey make their options and then we put together and decide which projects to present. Our style takes geometry and colors as main direction, clean shapes and 2D resources to get the flavour of 60’s / 70’s american graphic design and publishing.

What project has given you the most satisfaction?

Film Commission Chile. Because it was the biggest project outside Europe. The client wanted our style for this commission and it was great.

You worked with Monocle. Is that a different working process for editorial projects?

Not at all. For Monocle we did illustration commissions. In illustration for editorial the timing is very narrow. We take this as a little breath between graphic design projects (longer ones). The duration for this is not longer than a week and never becomes something busy. For us it’s very comfortable to do that. We enjoy so much drawing!

What inspires and influences you?

Classic designs from the 50’s, 60’s , swiss design, and also the world of animation.

What does your typical day look like?

Very conventional… A typical spanish working day… with long timetables, having lunch so late and with not so much extra hours (that’s pretty strange here). We have a coffee under the studio and we met there with other studios such as architects, programmers, designers… It’s a good place to join other creative professions.

Is there something special you want to do in your work soon?

We would like to explore different ways of design. Not only graphic or illustration. It’s an idea that we are working on it.

Some projects to come?

We are working in different graphic projects in Barcelona and an other for London. Also a nice commission in Illustration.

The last word…

As you know, now we have a very difficult situation in Spain. We would like to encourage young people and students to go outside spain to find opportunities, grow and don’t wast time and energies seeking in the wrong place.


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Interview : Dennis Moya –  July 2012
All the pictures and illustrations are © Hey studio.
(Re-edit 26.07.12)