Kristian Hammerstad – Interview

I am pleased to present you to the talented Norwegian illustrator Kristian Hammerstad. He studied at the Central Saint Martins College, London UK and now he lives and works in Oslo, Norway. He developed a pop-gore comic style that makes his work unique. He accepted to answer to our interview and it’s with pleasure that we show you his work…


Hi Kristian, how are you ?
Hello. I am fine, thank you very much.

Tell us more about you. Who are you ?
I am a Norwegian illustrator. I used to work in animation, but for the last 4-5 years it’s mostly been illustration.

You have been at the CSM in London and now you work in Oslo, Norway. Is that Oslo an ideal city for creative people ?
Oslo is okay, maybe a little expensive, but otherwise a nice place to live. I guess in some ways it is not as exciting and ‘stimulating’ as London, but for me it’s okay. I’ve got most of what I need in my head.

What’s your interest about animation and illustration ? When did you start ?
I’ve always been drawing. Ever since I can remember. It’s just been something that I do, so I guess me ending up working with drawing is pretty natural. I got my first ‘real’ work in animation working with friends out of college, making music videos for Lex Records in London. That led to more commercial animation work such as TV ads etc. Then after a while I started getting more illustration work after people started noticing posters I did. And now that’s mostly what I do.

How do you process in your work and how do you define your style ?
My process is very simple, it is just thinking a bit, then drawing. I draw with pencils on paper, then ink the drawing with a brush, scan it, colour it and it’s done! I feel very awkward trying to define my own style… it makes me feel a little self-conscious. So I’d just call it drawing, or illustration. Any definition beyond that I would prefer to leave to others.

What project has given you the most satisfaction ?
Probably my comic book that has just come out here in Norway. But anything where I get a lot of room to solve the assignment my way. Or where I feel I am really on the same wavelength with a client.

What inspires and influences you ?
So many things, comics, films, books, art, music. It can really be anything. I am a big fan of bold imagery and ideas.

What does your typical day look like ?
Get up, check for e-mails and deal with whatever correspondance I have to. Then, if I have an assignment, I’ll go ahead and draw. That can be doing some sketches to send someone, or it could be finishing up some inking, scanning etc. If I don’t have an assignment I will try to work on personal projects, like comics or just drawing down fun ideas. Something to keep me busy. I’m not very structured and so I never know exactly how much time I work and how much time I spend just sitting around. I hope to be able to structure my workday better. I’m working on that….

Is there something special you want to do in your work soon ?

I definitely want to keep on drawing more comics. And I have started experimenting with some modeling and sculpturing. It is a lot of fun, although I don’t know if it will amount to more than just a diversion.

The last word…
Have fun with it.

Thank you !




/ Interview : Dennis Moya – May – June 2012  // All the illustrations are © Kristian Hammerstad.