David Ryle – Interview

I have the pleasure to introduce you to the London based photographer David Ryle. He accepted to answer to our interview and it’s with pleasure that we show you his work…


Hello David, how are you ?
I’m good thanks, I hope you are too?

Can you introduce yourself ? Tell us more about you.
I’m  a photographer, based in London, who shoots editorial and advertising campaigns. I tend to work out on location and shoot people, places and automobiles. For my personal work I often photograph empty spaces, or at least places that have an openness to them. Sometimes my personal work is observational, other times it is more set up.

Can you talk to us about your background in photography. Since when do you do photography?
I graduated from art school in 2001, and worked for an image library for a couple of years before then assisting a few different photographers. I started out on my own around 2006.

What emotion or feeling are you trying to convey to the spectators?
I don’t often consciously try to convey any particular emotion to the spectators (in fact I don’t think about how it is viewed at all) but in my personal work the feeling is of being alone is a repetitive theme. I don’t always intend that though to be a negative experience.

Your work focuses on empty landscapes and  colourful pictures. Can you tell us more about your visual approach?
I’d like to think colour was important to my images, or at least it is for me. I think that especially when I’m photographing quite empty landscapes and places the tone and colour can be very important to the overall success of an image.

In your last personal project “Desert Studies”, the space notions are omnipresent. We are lost in these impressive landscapes. Can you tell us about?
I think that I’m often drawn to the idea of nothingness. I’m drawn to photographing a kind of landscape minimalism, which can also be seen in my Desert Studies project.

What inspires and influences you?
Leonard Cohen, J. M. W. Turner, Joel Sternfeld, travel.

What does photography mean to you?
It means to be trapped into a way of escape.

Some projects to come ?
I’m just starting to put together a project about strange tourism.

The last word …


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/ Interview : Dennis Moya – May 2012  // All photographs are © David Ryle.