Valistika Studio – Interview

Valistika is a Barcelona (Spain) based studio. The quality of their work caught my attention. Their illustrations are amazing and full of talent. They have given their time to answer our questions and It’s with pleasure that we show you their work…


Hi, how are you ?
Hi Friend, really nice to meet you. Thank you for your support!!

Tell us more about the studio. What is the Valistika Studio and who are you?
We are a small studio based in Barcelona but more than a studio we are freelance workers that love what we do. Valistika is formed by Guadalupe cos-Gayón, from Madrid, and Miguel Abio Ruiz, from Santander. We met in Madrid while studying and since then we never broke up.

What’s your interest about illustration and design? When did you start ?
For us is a way of expressing ourselves and of course a way to work and make a living. We really love illustration, patterns, typography, serigraphy, paper & ink smell… and all those things made in a handcraft way, maybe because we love to work in that way. We started step by step combining our works in other companies, fashion & design, with our passion(VALISTIKA) and finally we are both on full co-working on it . Yeahh!

You’re also interested by type design. Can you explain us your “Valistika Pro font” ?
Yes! We are not typographers but typography lovers. Valistika PRO FONT was a proposal that we develop for a contest. That type was inspired by “Animal balloons” shapes, time ago we wanted to do a handscript type with this look and that was the perfect excuse…

How do you process in your work ?
We usually research a lot of info and inspiration, when the idea is clean in our mind we start to make some sketches for compositions and color palette, but of course we always evolve the original idea and experiment with shapes and different options.

What inspires and influences you ?
We use to check lots of inspirational blogs and sites (architecture, decoration, industrial, fashion, photo…) and keep some images for reference. We prefer not to have only one influence, we take different things from several disciplines and apply to our projects.

Can you tell us more about the “origins” project ?
We are really proud to take part in that project, was an unique opportunity to create a SNEAKER from the beginning, the concept came from Dimitar Inchev from SOCIETY27 and all together we collator to make this amazing project. We want to thanks again to S27 people to give us the opportunity!

What does your typical day look like ?
Wake up early (7 a.m.), take breakfast and a shower (Sometimes go to ride with our bikes), check the mail and revise pending projects and start working. Fortunately we have continuous works to do, maybe an exceed sometimes, but we really try to invert as time as necessary to get a good final result, too many our working… but we think that it is an inversion for the future.

Some projects to come ?
We have just collaborated with Converse in a new project and we are trying to get some time to create something related to bike engraving…Will be soon! Also we are thinking in invert more time on serigraphy applied on paper and products.

The last word…
We are just beginning but we would love to thank all those people who believe in us and give the opportunity to show what we can do!! There is a lot of people waiting for their chance!



/ Interview : Dennis Moya – April 2012
/ All pictures, artworks and illustrations are © Valistika Studio.