Magdalena Wosinska – Interview



Magdalena Wosinska‘s photography that’s the American way of life, entourage, rock bands, real life moment and friends… and beards too. I like this kind of photography because it reflects the reality. And she shoot with film, this is something I really enjoy…


Hi Magdalena, how are you ?
Hi, I am well, thanks.

Can you introduce yourself ? Tell us more about you.
My name is Magdalena Wosinska, born in Katowice Poland in 1983, moved to the USA to Tempe Arizona in 1991. Then in 2004 I moved to Los Angeles.

Why did you choose photography?
Photography keeps good feelings alive, moments that can never be repeated exactly can be captured by a camera. It makes time endless!

What emotion or feeling are you trying to convey to the spectators of your photographs?
My feelings and emotions in my photographs are very impulsive and real. I like to take pictures of exactly what I see, I love the reality of different people and lifestyles.

I saw in the camerabag’s interview you use only film/analog camera and polaroids.
Do you only use that kind of process?  Why this choice?

I only shoot film for personal work and digital for clients. Most of the time for clients people want to see what you are getting through out the day and they want to have images right away, its not so easy to make that happen with film. I’m not shooting as many polaroids as i did in the past but I do shoot only film for all my personal work. I love the fact that I have to wait to see the pictures. It’s like getting an unexpected present everytime I pick up my film from the lab. I also take it more seriously. Film is expensive and so I want to make sure every frame counts. So when I shoot film I dont just shoot roll after roll, I shoot picture by picture, making each frame worth millions that I would edit down from if I was to shoot digital.

What inspires and influences you?
My main inspiration comes from my travels and my friends. I am surround by fun , risky, interesting people so that is what drives me the most! The energy around me :)

What does your typical day look like?
I wake up to return some emails, go on a hike with my dog and go to a shoot or work in the garden, run errands or do office day.

Some projects to come ?
I just published my second book this weekend and had a huge book launch for it in LA. I will be taking this book launch hopefully to London, Amsterdam, and NY in the next few weeks :)

The last word …
Shoot everyday all the time. Always have your camera upon your shoulder!



/ Interview : Dennis Moya – March 2012
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