DOPLUDÓ Collective — Interview

When we discover people who make beautiful creations on a range that includes both design, illustration or type design and all these disciplines are wonderfully applied, you can only applaud. Dopludó collective it’s that and it’s great.


Hi Dopludó Collective, how are you ?

We are fine, planning our business trip to Barcelona right now.

Who is Dopludo Collective ? Tell us more about you.

Dopludό Collective was found in St. Petersburg in 2006. Word Dopludό comes from a phonetic transcription of french words deux plus deux, which is two plus two in English. At the heart of the name of a creative trio lays the absurd mathematical formula 2+2=5, which has been proved several times and being a potential key to reconsider all mathematics from the beginning. We are three artists, old friends: Eibatova Karina, Egor Kraft and Lesha Galkin.

We studied in lot’s of different places: fine art in Sweden, contemporary and media art in Moscow, architecture and interior design in St.Petersburg, and now we are studying in Vienna art Academy, so two of us are planning to spent a few years in Austria and then to move forward. Mostly we had Contemporary Art education, it is far away from design, so we didn’t study any graphic design, just started to work in this sphere, we think practice is more useful and interesting.

What’s your interest about design and when did you start ?

We cannot say something particular, what we really adore is a combination of different disciplines that produce something fresh and new. All of us started to draw in the early ages, so we all had an aim to start creating things and develop into professional.

I saw multidisciplinary kind of techniques like 3d sculpture, graphic-design, illustration, type-design,…
How do you process in your work ?

Dopludό collective are three different people and that’s why we have interest in almost all types of design, from typography to motion, we can say for sure that it is useful to have different skills, you have more freedom in creating process.

What inspires and influences you ?

Music is a big inspiration for all of us. If you want to hear some names, it is different for all of us. For example Lesha is more into interior and product design, so he adores Alvar Aalto, Egor is more into contemporary art, and he likes Matthew Barney, Anish Kapoor. Karina is more into entire things, so her main inspiration comes from Nature and Universe. But we all like illustrator Jonathan Zawada.

What does your typical day look like ?

I guess we have no typical days, everything is changing every time and every second, we  are not stable, we mean that we travel a lot and we like it that way.

Is there something special you want to do in your work soon?

We would like to be closer to the Music, to work with musicians, to create album covers and videos and in the end to start playing music. We also want to continue working on the murals in public spaces like hotels, bars etc, that always  makes changes in life and force to move forward.

Some projects to come ?

Yes, a huge Mural! We are going to Barcelona for 1,5 months to paint a new modern hotel. We will paint the ceiling on the first floor with reception and lobby bar. We also gonna update our public poster project TOSAY.IT . Every time we travel we take some time for street art.

The last word is …

Be in Love with Life and appreciate what you have.



Thanks to Eibatova Karina for the interview – February 2012 – Dennis Moya
Illustrations, images, pictures are © Dopludó Collective